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"Successfully Navigating the FDA Regulatory Process" (MDG Boston White Paper)

"Navigating the Risks of Regenerative Medicine(Video by Wolters Kluwer) (Free Sign-In Required)

"Stem Cells 101 - Editorial"

(The American Journal of

Sports Medicine)

“Orthobiologics Face Pressure from Lack of Clinical Evidence” (Orthoworld Publication)

“The Product Development Process from Discovery, Through the FDA, and Into the Clinic” (AAOS Publication)

“The Age of Biology Comes to Orthopaedics” (Orthoworld Publication)

"Rutgers 2023 Symposium on Conducting and Funding Research" - Panel Discussion (Video)

"2022 Outlook: Insight for

Building Strategies"

(Orthoworld Publication)

"Understanding the FDA Consumer Alert on Regenerative Medicine" (The ORTHO Show: Audio Podcast) 

“June FDA Memo Reaffirms Guidelines from 2017 in Regard to Human Cell, Tissue Product Use” (Orthopaedics Today Publication)

“Innovation Principles and MedTech” CWRU Entrepreneurship Lecture (Video)


industry events & meetings

"Orthobiologic Product Development Pearls" - Video excerpts from a 2024 TOBI webinar (Video)

"My Experience Testifying for the DOJ on Orthobiologics" 2023 Regenerative Medicine and MSK Course (Video)

"What is the Situation with Orthobiologics in 2022?  FDA, FTC and CMS Update" (Video)

(Free Sign-In Required)

6th Annual Vail Scientific Summit - Scott Bruder Interview (Video)

“The 2021 FDA Memo – What Clinicians Need to Know” – 2nd Annual Biologic Association Summit – (Video) (Free Sign-In Required) 

5th Annual Vail Scientific Summit – Scott Bruder Interview (Video)

"2023 Update on the Regulatory Status of Orthobiologics" - 4th Annual Biologic Association Summit (Video) (Free Sign-In Required)

"Important Guidance on Orthobiologics at AAOS 2022 Meeting" (AAOS Article)

"Compliant Use of Orthobiologics in 2022"  Interventional Orthobiologic Foundation (Video)


“Q&A Session regarding The 2021 FDA Memo” – 2nd Annual Biologic Association Summit – (Video)

(Free Sign-In Required)

“The Ethical, Legal and FDA-Compliant Use and Marketing of Orthobiologic Products” (Video)

Medtech 20/20 – “Framing the Future of Orthobiologics and Tissue Regeneration” (Video)

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BCVG in the news

"BCVG engaged to expand BioRestorative Therapies' BRTX-100 clinical indication pipeline"

(NASDAQ Press Release)

“MagnetOs versus Autograft in

Spine Fusion” (Becker's Spine)

“Orthobiologics Strategy: FDA Issues New Warning About Sales of Unapproved Products” (Orthoworld Publication)

Bruder Honored as a Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (Publication)

Bruder Interview Regarding the Pierre Galletti Award (Video)

"Capitalizing on the Growth Potential of Orthobiologics" (BoneZone Publication)

“Understanding FDA’s Warning on Orthobiologic Products” (BoneZone Publication)

“True Progress in Orthobiologics Requires That We Police Ourselves and Each Other”

(AAOS Now Publication)

“Regenerative Medicine: The Dawn of a New Age of Biology” (PharmaVoice Publication)

“Biomedical Engineering Professor Scott Bruder Wins Prestigious Award From AIMBE” (Publication)

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