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September 2023

Celebrating the labors of our Client Partners

It's nice to have time, like during Labor Day weekend, to slow down a bit. But the Bruder Consulting & Venture Group team is always grateful to get back to doing what drives us: supporting our Client Partners and the fruits of their labor.

August 2023

Marking a milestone

We're proud to announce that Bruder Constulting & Venture Group recently completed its 500th project since the firm's founding in 2014. Plus, we've now supported more than 100 companies in the orthobiologics, advanced wound care, plastic and reconstructive surgery and aesthetics disciplines.

July 2023

Shaping up to be an exciting summer

We're only a few weeks into summer, and it's already shaping up to be an exciting season for Bruder Consulting & Venture Group and our Client Partners. We're pleased to announce the addition of another Special Advisor to our team, Dr. Weelington HSU.

June 2023

BCVG'S M&A activity (by the numbers)

Summer is around the corner, and the temperature isn't the only thing that's heating up. For the Bruder Consulting & Venture Group, beyond our Client Partner support of product development and regulatory approval, our team has been busy with M&A transactions.

May 2023

Innovation by the numbers

Spring is shaping up to be a busy season for the Bruder Consulting & Venture Group team. Beyond conference travel, lectures and book editing, we're leveraging our team's collective 300 years of experience to continuously track clinical developments so we can be the go-to resource for our Client Partners.

April 2023

BCVG in bloom

The changing of the seasons -- and the transition from Q1 to Q2 -- is a good time to check in on your projects in progress and celebrate your success. 

March 2023

Sowing seeds for success

Spring hasn't quite yet sprung, but this time of year has people feeling hopeful. It's a time that ushers in a sense of renewal, optimism and rebirth. In business, spring is a good time to not only set some new goals for the upcoming quarter but also to reflect on the initial months of the year and the seeds that have been sown.

February 2023

Build the train -- then climb aboard

With the new year in full swing, it can be a challenge to plan and prioritize goals for the months ahead and map out a strategy for pursuing them. Consequently, sometimes it may feel like you're building the train while you're running alongside of it to climb aboard.

January 2023

Pairing resolutions with solutions

Happy New Year! This is a great time to assess where your company is and how you'd like to see it grow in 2023. While it's important to dream big, don't forget to pair resolutions with tangible solutions for bringing goals to life.

December 2022

The power of pausing

As the year comes to a close, it's important to take stock of what's been accomplished and where you are in this moment. Too often, our victories -- big and small -- are quickly brushed aside to make room to focus on the next big thing.

November 2022

A season of gratitude

November is a great time of the year to give thanks for everything that we have and to reflect on that gratitude. We at Bruder Consulting & Venture Group know that it is our relationships with our Client Partners that give meaning to what we do.

October 2022

Here to help in every season

What does autumn represent to you? Bruder Consulting & Venture Group recognizes that as the seasons change – ushering in new colors and routines to our days and nights – we embrace the adaptability of nature and how that applies to the professional landscape. 

August 2022

Walkin' on sunshine

Summer may be winding down, but we are moving full steam ahead here at BCVG. Our list of Client Partners continues to grow as we help companies in all stages and sizes reach their goals.

July 2022

Things are heating up

The regenerative medical world is changing fast. Is your company up to the challenge? At Bruder Consulting & Venture Group, we work with companies in all stages -- helping them get to where they want to go. 

May 2022

Spring in our step

BCVG is embracing spring and on the move! Team members will be in Berlin, San Francisco, and more – sharing our knowledge and offering support to those looking to amplify their work and grow their business.

April 2022

Bloom with BCVG

As we move out of winter and recognize that the seeds we have planted are starting to bloom, we wanted to share with you the impactful work being done by our team and offer you the opportunity to work with us so that we can help your business grow and thrive.

March 2022

Spring-ing into action...

2022 has been off to an exciting start with the return to more in-person Society meetings, new partnerships and new projects – as well as expanding our team so we can continue to enrich the ways we support our Client Partners. 

February 2022

We're looking ahead to 2022...

Welcome to the Bruder Consulting & Venture Group’s new monthly newsletter. Our goal is for this to become a regular touchpoint to share what’s happening with the BCVG team and to highlight ways we can support you throughout the new year.

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