"I'm delighted to have active partnerships with highly skilled professionals, in firms whose specialized efforts extend beyond the immediate reach of my internal Team.  This offers our clients a unique opportunity for coordination of diverse yet integrated services in health care and life sciences." - Scott Bruder, MD, PhD

Wombat Capital is a New York City-based investment banking and strategic advisory firm.  The company's business team, supported by its Advisory Board, the strategic and Financial network of its Directors and the close relationships developed with numerous companies, provide Wombat Capital with unparalleled access and insight.  Dr. Bruder serves as Senior Advisor, Orthopedics and Regenerative Medicine. Click to read more about Wombat Capital.

Medelis WCCT is a multi-site, full-service, contract research organization (CRO) addressing early clinical development through late phase clinical services in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device industries. They are specialized global drug and device development professionals who offer an innovative, agile and collaborative approach to every program they deliver. Dr. Bruder has worked with WCCT to quickly navigate FDA and execute First-in-Man clinical studies. Click to read more about WCCT

MPI Research provides comprehensive discovery services in a flexible, collaborative environment. They offer pharmacokinetic, ADME, in vivo disease, and surgical model studies in numerous species with applicability to all therapeutic categories. Their in vivo capabilities are complemented with a broad array of in vitro models and techniques from molecular to cellular biology.  They offer specialized discovery services in a variety of clinical indications of interest to the medical device and cell therapy industries. Dr. Bruder has successfully partnered with clients to perform numerous studies at MPI for submission to the US FDA. Click to read more about therapeutic areas at MPI Research.

L.E.K. Consulting advises MedTech leaders on identifying new growth opportunities, enhancing profitability, and providing insight to manage all phases of transaction services. Their clients include eight of the 10 largest global MedTech companies, as well as emerging businesses. Their deep expertise across the life sciences, and healthcare spectrum enables them to understand how MedTech providers may be affected by hospital purchasing trends, payer reimbursement strategies, advances with companion diagnostics, and other market dynamics. Dr. Bruder is a member of the L.E.K. Life Science and MedTech Expert Network. Click to read more about L.E.K.

GLG is a technology-enabled learning platform that connects top professionals with experts.

More than 1,400 companies use GLG to help solve complex strategic and operational challenges, test hypotheses, gain market feedback, and seek mentorship, all within their rigorous compliance framework. Dr. Bruder is a Council Member in GLG's Healthcare Sector. Click to read more about GLG


InnovAito is a pre-eminent patent monetization advisory service turning patents into revenues. Our proprietary approach to patent portfolio analysis unlocks tremendous value for our clients looking for competitiveness in the market.  We are a think tank providing services for creation of highest quality patents from inventions, utilizing cutting edge artificial intelligence tool and machine learning at the patent claims level. We have an experienced team that has unlocked the revenue potential from multibillion dollar research budgets and worked with Fortune 500 companies, universities and SMEs. Dr. Bruder has partnered with Innovaito to provide clients with insights and action plans regarding their patent estate. Click to read more about Innovaito.  

AlphaSights is a professional services firm employing several hundred ambitious professionals in 8 offices around the world. Their clients are decision-makers at major corporations, investment funds, strategy consultancies and non-profits. Day by day, their clients rely on AlphaSights teams to connect them to the knowledge they need. Dr. Bruder serves as an Advisor in the AlphaSights network. Click to read more about AlphaSights.